hearing loss task force new jersey

New Jersey Lawmakers Approve Task Force to Study Hearing Loss Services

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY — Lawmakers in the New Jersey state Assembly approved a proposal late last week to establish a task force to examine state services and support offered to residents that are deaf and hard of hearing. The measure had been previously approved by the state Senate this summer and will now need the…

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insurance coverage for hearing aids lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Health Insurers Discriminate by Not Covering Hearing Aids; Outcome Could Set National Precedent

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — According to a report in the Yakima Herald, a Seattle law firm has filed suit against two health insurance companies due to the companies not covering treatment for hearing loss. The suit alleges that the exclusion of hearing loss treatment constitutes illegal discrimination under federal law. The outcome of the case could…

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maine hearing aid insurance coverage

Maine Legislators Considering Hearing Aid Insurance Coverage for All

AUGUSTA, MAINE — A state legislator in Maine has proposed that the state require insurance plans cover hearing aids for people of all ages. Representative Jim Handy, a Democrat from Lewiston, proposed a bill in which insurers would be required to pay up to $3,000 per hearing aid to those that need them. The bill, which…

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georgia hearing aid bill

Children’s Hearing Aid Bill Overwhelmingly Passes Georgia House and Senate, Awaits Governor’s Signature

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — A bill that would require insurance companies in the state of Georgia to cover hearing aids for children was approved late last month by the state Senate by a margin of 47-6. A prior version of the bill had already passed in the state House by 155-5. Now, the legislation heads to…

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Measure would provide hearing aid coverage for Ohio children and adults

COLUMBUS—The Ohio legislature is considering a bill that would make Ohio only the fourth state in the nation to require health insurance companies to include hearing aids as part of their basic health coverage for people of all ages. Seventeen states require that health insurance benefits plans pay for hearing aids for children, but only…

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FDA proposes guidance to clarify differences between hearing aids and PSAPs

By David H. Kirkwood ROCKVILLE, MD–The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a draft guidance document on November 7 designed to clarify “the distinction between hearing aids and personal sound amplification products (PSAPs), as well as the regulatory controls that apply to each.” It invited public response to the draft by February 5, 2014.…

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Ohio tries to curb online hearing aid sales

COLUMBUS, OH—Reacting to the growing prevalence of direct-to-consumer hearing aid sales, the Ohio House of Representatives is considering legislation that would ban the sale of hearing aids to any Ohio resident who has not received an in-person hearing evaluation at a location within the state. Introduced in March by Rep. Rex Damschroder (R-Fremont), House Bill…

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Utah program would pay for kids’ hearing aids

SALT LAKE CITY—The Utah Legislature stands on the verge of making hearing aids available free to low-income children in that state who do not qualify for Medicaid or for the Utah Children’s Health Insurance Program. On March 13, the Senate voted unanimously to establish an advisory committee in the Utah Department of Health that would…

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AAA kit helps audiologists make the case against direct-to-consumer hearing aid sales

By David H. Kirkwood For audiologists and other hearing healthcare providers, there’s been no more disturbing development in recent years than the explosion in the sale of hearing aids directly to consumer sales. When hard-of-hearing consumers buy hearing aids without the care of a trained professional, practitioners lose out on the revenues they would have…

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