national acoustic lab

NAL Announces New Webinar Series

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) has announced a new professional webinar series beginning this week. The new 15-minute live ‘Soundbites’ webinars will showcase the organization’s latest and upcoming hearing research. A Q&A session will take place after each webinar. Brent Edwards: Innovation at NAL: Creative solutions to difficult problems in hearing health…

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Scientists test new technologies to conquer the hearing-in-noise challenge

MELBOURNE/BOSTON—As long as companies have been making hearing aids, the toughest and most frustrating challenge they have confronted is devising products that enable wearers to understand speech in noisy social gatherings, such as cocktail parties. While directional microphones and other technologies have helped a lot, it is still a rare hearing aid wearer who can…

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