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Asymmetric Ear Function Leads to Lopsided Brain Development

Hearing care professionals are aware of the right ear advantage, and recently it received renewed attention from James Jerger in the Hearing Review.   Another recent report, one published in open access journal PLOS Biology, sheds additional light on these differences between ears. In a multi-national study published March 13, Michelle Antoine, Jean Hébert, and…

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Study Shows Coupling Between Brains

Spoken verbal communication between people involves the relaying of information through the use of sound patterns in language. It is the assessment and remediation of this breakdown of sound patterns in the auditory pathway of an individual, an essential part of this communication process, that an audiologist is trained to do. In a Nature Scientific…

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Frank Musiek brings Pathways to Hearing Health and Technology Matters

TUCSON, AZ–Frank E. Musiek, PhD, whose distinguished research career has contributed substantially to our fundamental understanding of the workings of the human auditory system, has joined the lineup of prominent audiologists at the blog Hearing Health and Technology Matters (HHTM). Musiek’s new section, called Pathways, debuted March 26, the first day of the 2014 American…

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