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Belgian Prime Minister’s Hearing Damaged After Princess Fires Starting Pistol During Race

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — Following a busy week of hosting world leaders from the US, NATO and the European Union (EU), the Belgian Prime Minister’s (PM) decision to attend a 20 km run over the weekend in the nation’s capital is likely a choice he now regrets. While standing next to Princess Astrid of Belgium, the…

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NIOSH awards recognize efforts to make workplaces more hearing-healthy

      NEW ORLEANS–When noise in the workplace makes the news, it’s usually either because OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has charged an employer with violating its noise regulations or workers are suing an employer for causing damage to their hearing. Last week, though, two companies were cited for doing the right…

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AAA to honor leading lights in audiology at AudiologyNOW! 2014 in Orlando

ORLANDO, FL—A pioneering audiologic researcher for more than 40 years at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the founder of a leading manufacturer of audiologic equipment, and a scientist who draws on her clinical experience in rehabilitative audiology and her training in experimental psychology to help older adults who suffer from both hearing and cognitive…

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