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President Obama Supports OTC Hearing Aids as Part of Fair Competition

Legal titan and former Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis decried what he referred to as the “curse of bigness” – a school of thought reaching back to Thomas Jefferson that says the American economy is better off when there’s smaller companies competing head-to-head with each other.  With his term in office ending soon, President Barack…

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Amid “Profound Disruption”, Private Hearing Aid Market up 9%

Two recent articles in the mainstream press reflect the views of public health officials with respect to a pair of hot button issues: the hearing aid industry and the aging American population. In a October 31 Forbes article, Jason Karlawish, MD, a physician, author, and co-director of the Penn Memory Center and the Healthy Brain…

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Siemens in the re-making: Latest update

This week, the lead item on Hearing News Watch is a post about the ongoing saga of the sale of Siemens Audiology Solutions. It is written by my blog colleague Holly Hosford-Dunn, PhD, who published it October 24 on Hearing Economics. I thought this timely report would be of interest to Hearing News Watch readers as…

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