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Childhood Ear Infections Becoming Less Common; Likely Due to Vaccinations and Breastfeeding, Suggests New Study

GALVESTON, TEXAS — In a newly published study in the journal Pediatrics, researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) have found that ear infection rates among young children in the US are on the decline.  The results, suggest researchers, are likely due to increases in vaccinations and breastfeeding. In the study, researchers followed more than 360…

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Children’s short-term hearing loss can cause permanent damage, study suggests

BOSTON—It’s long been known that transitory hearing loss in childhood can have permanent effects on a child’s development. The temporary conductive hearing problems that so many children suffer due to ear infections may interfere with their ability to learn and develop communication skills, with results that often continue long after the hearing loss has ended.…

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New imaging device may lead to improved treatment of chronic ear infections

CHAMPAIGN, lL—Otitis media, an infection of the middle ear, is one of the most common causes of temporary hearing loss among children. The condition often interferes with their ability to learn. Moreover, children who suffer from chronic ear infections that are not properly treated run the risk of developing permanent hearing loss That’s why new…

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