audioptics middle ear system ossiview

Audioptics Medical Closes $1.9 million Seed Investment Round for Development of Middle Ear Imaging System

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – Audioptics Medical, a Canadian medical device company based in Halifax Nova Scotia, has closed a $1.9 million seed investment round led by Innovacorp and Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. Audioptics has developed a patented, novel otoscopic system that can visualize and measure the structures of the middle ear through the intact eardrum.  The device will provide ear specialists with precise…

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cleardrum silk eardrum patch

ClearDrum, Silk Implant to Treat Eardrum Perforations, One Step Closer to Market with New MedTech Grant

The Ear Science Institute Australia (ESIA), announced that it is the recipient of a medical technology grant of $993,500AUD (~$709K USD) to advance the commercialization of ClearDrum®, a device that incorporates silk in an ear implant. ClearDrum® was developed in Western Australia and has been driven by ESIA Founding Director Professor Marcus Atlas. It is…

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high price of hearing aids

Article Takes Aim at Cost as Main Barrier to Hearing Aid Use

In an article primarily aimed at otolaryngologists, two leading audiology researchers made the case that cost is not the primary barrier of low hearing aid uptake. The brief article, published online last week by JAMA-Otolaryngology, was authored by Michael Valente of Washington University School of Medicine and Amyn Amlani of the University of Arkansas-Little Rock.…

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sound pharmaceuticals

Sound Pharmaceuticals Hires Two New Executives to Speed Development of Meniere’s Drug

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Sound Pharmaceuticals, a Seattle-based biotech firm, announced this week that it has hired two senior executives. Paul Hoskins, appointed to the position of Senior Director of Clinical Operations and G. Michael Wall, appointed to the position of Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Development. The new executives join the company with substantial backgrounds in the pharmaceutical industry. Sound Pharmaceuticals hopes that…

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acute otitis media infection

Dutch Study: Earlier Onset of Acute Otitis Media Associated with More Frequent Recurrence

UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS — If a child’s first ear infection occurs at a young age, particularly before 9 months, the chances for recurrent acute otitis media (AOM) infection are increased, according to a new Dutch study. The findings were published last month in the Journal of Pediatrics.    Identifying Children at Risk for Recurrent AOM   Dutch children…

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infrared ear infection device

Infrared Device Developed by MIT Researchers Could Significantly Improve Ear Infection Diagnosis

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS — Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), along with a pediatric otolaryngologist at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, have developed a device that could significantly improve the ability of doctors to accurately diagnose ear infections (otitis media). The device, which is said to ultimately function much like a typical otoscope, utilizes shortwave infrared light…

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otitis media prescriptions

Concern over Antimicrobial Resistance is Growing

Three years ago the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) created a list of the 18 antibiotic-resistant microbes threatening the health of Americans. Given the relatively high prevalence of otitis media in children, which is often treated with antimicrobial drugs, the rise of antibiotic resistance is a cause for concern among healthcare professionals. Antibiotic-resistant infections affect…

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ear infection

Childhood Ear Infections Becoming Less Common; Likely Due to Vaccinations and Breastfeeding, Suggests New Study

GALVESTON, TEXAS — In a newly published study in the journal Pediatrics, researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) have found that ear infection rates among young children in the US are on the decline.  The results, suggest researchers, are likely due to increases in vaccinations and breastfeeding. In the study, researchers followed more than 360…

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Looking to hire or be hired? Pay a visit to the Career Center

Since its founding in April 2011, (HHTM) has quickly emerged as one of the most widely read and most influential publications in the hearing field. I use the term “hearing field” advisedly, since, unlike nearly all the other print and online publications concerned with hearing, ours is written not only for hearing care providers,…

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AAA to honor leading lights in audiology at AudiologyNOW! 2014 in Orlando

ORLANDO, FL—A pioneering audiologic researcher for more than 40 years at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the founder of a leading manufacturer of audiologic equipment, and a scientist who draws on her clinical experience in rehabilitative audiology and her training in experimental psychology to help older adults who suffer from both hearing and cognitive…

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