Consult YHN Provides Vital Resources to Help Audiology Practices Lead Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

CHADDS FORD, PA — Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, Consult YHN committed to helping hearing healthcare professionals manage through this global health crisis by providing timely, actionable, and strategic business advice and support through virtual webinars, financial analysis, articles, and an online resource center. The company created, and continues to update, a central…

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lucid audio

Lucid Audio Announces Acquisition of Westone Audio, the Music Division of Westone Laboratories

FORT WORTH, TEXAS — Lucid Audio announced this week that it is acquiring Westone Audio.  The move will expand Lucid Audio’s innovative family of products by adding Westone Audio’s premium in-ear and custom earphone solutions.  “With Westone Audio’s over 35 years of success and experience in the consumer and professional audio markets, the acquisition is…

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apple facetime sign language detection

Apple’s iOS 14 Adds Sound Recognition Safety Feature; Sign Language Detection

In addition to the newly announced spatial audio and personalized amplification for AirPods in the latest Apple iOS 14 update, other beneficial features for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing have also been added. These new features include a “Sound Recognition” safety function and a sign language detection feature for FaceTime group chat.…

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airpods hearing aid feature ios14

AirPods Get New Spatial Audio and Personal Amplification Features in iOS 14

Today marked the start of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where updates to the operating systems that run the iPhone, iPad and various other Apple products are typically revealed. Last year, the company unveiled an updated health app that now includes a “hearing health” section and features to detect harmful noise exposures and alert the user.…

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CILcare Partners with Vertidiag to Develop Solutions for People with Vestibular Disorders

CILcare, a research and development company specializing in the field of hearing disorders, has announced a strategic partnership with the start-up Vertidiag, a company specialized in balance disorders. According to the announcement, “by combining their unique know-how, CILcare and Vertidiag can propose a complete service offering to identify and develop therapeutic solutions for people suffering…

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Researchers Use Sound Waves Transport Droplets on Rewritable Biomedical Chip

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA – Engineers at Duke University have demonstrated a “versatile microfluidic lab-on-a-chip that uses sound waves to create tunnels in oil to touchlessly manipulate and transport droplets”. According to an announcement on the University’s website, the technology could form the basis of a small-scale, programmable, rewritable biomedical chip that is completely reusable to…

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WHO Webinar: Telehealth for EHC (Ear and Hearing Care) in Times of COVID-19 and Beyond

The World Health Organization will be hosting an upcoming webinar: Telehealth for EHC (ear and hearing care) in times of COVID-19 and beyond The purpose of the webinar is to share: information on how telehealth can support EHC in resource limited settings ideas for the application of telehealth in a situation like the COVID19 epidemic…

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Plural Publishing Releases New Editions of Cochlear Implant Books

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — Plural Publishing recently released new editions of two of their most prominent cochlear implant books featuring contributions from some of the foremost authorities on the subject. These updates bring new features including fully rewritten chapters and up-to-date research on cochlear implant devices and assessment that will benefit students and clinicians alike.…

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akouos gene therapy hearing loss treatment

Akouos Files for $100M IPO to Accelerate Gene Therapy Hearing Loss Treatment Program

BOSTON, MASSACHUSSETTS – Akouos, a precision genetic medicine company developing gene therapies to restore and preserve hearing, has filed for an initial public offer (IPO) with the Securities and Exchange Commission, eyeing a $100M IPO. The filing comes barely 3 months after he company completed its Series B funding round, which raised $105M. The company’s…

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