hearing aid market disruption

When, Not if: More Disruptors Entering the Hearing Marketplace

On the heels of Starkey’s announcement of their industry-first partnership with the upstart hearable company, Bragi, more news of other products entering into the ear-level amplification space are emerging. As early as February 21st, hearing care professionals just might get a peek at a new hearing aid option for their patients. In a report from April 2015, Samsung…

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Panasonic says it’s found a quicker, more accurate way to measure loudness tolerance

OSAKA, JAPAN–Panasonic announced this week that it has developed a new method for determining a hearing aid wearer’s tolerance for loud sounds. The Japanese company, which last year began distributing hearing aids in the U.S. through the Panasonic Corporation of North America Healthcare, issued a press release on November 28 in which it described its…

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