ida my world app

The Ida Institute Now Offering Pediatric Counseling Tool, My World, as Free App

NAERUM, DENMARK — The Ida Institute has announced that its ‘My World‘ pediatric counseling tool, which is designed to help children talk about their hearing loss, is now available as a free app for use on tablets. The tool is said to enable children to express themselves and helps you uncover information about the child’s communication…

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child headphones hearing loss risk

Kids That Use Portable Music Players More Than Twice as Likely to Have Hearing Loss

According to a newly published study in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, children who listen to music through headphones may be at significantly greater risk of noise-related hearing loss. Dutch researchers examined hearing test results from over 3,000 children, between the ages of 9 to 11. They also asked parents to report on hearing complaints…

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rhode island hearing loss children commission

Rhode Island Establishes Commission to Study Early Intervention for Children with Hearing Loss

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND — In legislation approved by the Rhode Island General Assembly, a joint legislative commission has been established to determine whether and how the state can better serve children with hearing loss. The special commission will be made up of 24 members, including legislators, healthcare professionals and representatives from organizations and agencies that…

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enlarged vestibular acqueduct dna

DNA Fingerprint Linked to Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts Found

National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers have uncovered the DNA “fingerprint,” associated with enlarged vestibular aqueducts (EVA). Clinical audiologists know EVA to be an inherited form of hearing impairment that often has a progressive form of sensorineural hearing loss. Most children with EVA pass newborn hearing tests, but begin to lose their hearing in the…

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new otitis media drug

A New Potential Way to Treat Otitis Media

For audiologists practicing in a medical center, evaluating the hearing of children diagnosed with otitis media is a daily task. Not surprisingly, otitis media is the most common reason U.S. children receive antibiotics — and suffer from temporary conductive hearing loss. Antibiotics, taken orally, are an essential part of the treatment plan for many of…

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infrared ear infection device

Infrared Device Developed by MIT Researchers Could Significantly Improve Ear Infection Diagnosis

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS — Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), along with a pediatric otolaryngologist at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, have developed a device that could significantly improve the ability of doctors to accurately diagnose ear infections (otitis media). The device, which is said to ultimately function much like a typical otoscope, utilizes shortwave infrared light…

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ear injury

Doctors Warn of Dangers from Expanding Bead Toys After Serious Ear Injuries

Doctors are warning parents about the potential dangers posed by popular expanding bead toys, such as Orbeez. According to an article published this month in the journal JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery,  super-absorbent polymer bead toys that expand when placed in water can cause serious ear injuries in children. The super-absorbent polymer balls are incredibly small and can expand up…

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stroke drug ear infection

Anti-Stroke Drug Holds Promise In Fight Against Ear Infections, Say Researchers

ATLANTA– Researchers from Georgia State University and the University of Rochester may have found a non-antibiotic alternative to treating middle ear infections. In a study published this month in the Journal of Immunology, the anti-stroke drug vinpocetine showed the ability to improve bacterial clearance, suppress mucus overproduction, and reduced levels of hearing loss in treated…

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Newborn hearing screening test may hold the key to saving babies from SIDS

By David H. Kirkwood SEATTLE—Imagine that when a newborn infant is screened for hearing loss, as is done routinely in every U.S. state and in many other countries, the same test could also determine if the baby is at risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), the mysterious condition that kills some 4000 seemingly healthy…

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Marion Downs, acclaimed as “mother of pediatric audiology,” dies at 100

By David H. Kirkwood Marion Downs, the beloved and revered audiologist who largely invented the field of pediatric audiology, died on November 13 in Dana Point, California, 10 months after her 100th birthday. Dr. Downs’s trailblazing work, begun in the early 1960s at the University of Colorado School of Medicine (UC School of Medicine), showed the…

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