hearing aid market disruption

When, Not if: More Disruptors Entering the Hearing Marketplace

On the heels of Starkey’s announcement of their industry-first partnership with the upstart hearable company, Bragi, more news of other products entering into the ear-level amplification space are emerging. As early as February 21st, hearing care professionals just might get a peek at a new hearing aid option for their patients. In a report from April 2015, Samsung…

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tiptalk hearing with samsung

Samsung to Showcase TipTalk Hearing Tech at CES 2016; Announces ‘Revolutionary’ Chip for Health-Focused Wearables

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA —  This past week we learned that Samsung may be on the verge of releasing their first-ever hearing aid or PSAP device in less than two months. Now, as the tech world prepares for the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week in Las Vegas, we have learned of some very interesting…

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samsung hearing aid galaxy

Samsung Hearing Aid Rumors Heat Up: Reports Claim Company Nearing Official Launch

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — After months of silence following reports in April 2015 that consumer electronics titan Samsung was planning to launch its own hearing aid, to coincide with the release of its next flagship Galaxy S7 smartphone, a number of reports surfaced last week that suggest Samsung may be readying its official launch into the hearing…

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starkey sale

Starkey May Be Preparing for Auction Block: Local Report

A November 21st Minneapolis Star Tribune report indicated that Starkey Hearing Technologies may be a target for acquisition. According to the report, mass executive firings and subsequent turmoil have raised eyebrows within the industry and left Starkey Hearing Technologies in a vulnerable position. The speculation of a sale was first reported by Wayne Staab at HHTM…

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Starkey Upheaval – Could This Lead to a Potential Sale?

Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from HHTM’s Editor-In-Chief, Wayne Staab, Ph.D., providing our readers with an interesting analysis of just who might be interested in Starkey Hearing Technologies in the event that the company becomes available for sale.  With the recent upheaval at Starkey Hearing Technologies, speculation has arisen about the climate for a potential sale.  The reason for…

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Big Six, Beware: Samsung May Soon Enter the Hearing Aid Arena

  SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA—The consumer electronics titan Samsung is making plans that could shake up the hearing aid industry, according to a report published April 27 in the online publication BusinessKorea. After watching the successes of the partnerships that its industry rival Apple has forged with GN ReSound and Starkey Hearing Technologies, Samsung appears ready to invest in the…

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