tinnitus relief cbt therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Tinnitus Relief: New Findings from Research Hold Promise for Patients and Providers

Although considered a prevalent condition, tinnitus remains a challenging condition for hearing care professionals to treat and manage. More than 50 million people in the United States have reported experiencing tinnitus, resulting in an estimated prevalence of 10% to 15% in adults. Experts believe that about one in five individuals who experience tinnitus are bothered…

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tinnitus relief white noise study

White Noise Therapy for Tinnitus Relief Should be Avoided, Says JAMA Study

Tinnitus is a widespread problem with approximately 20 million Americans suffering from bothersome reactions to it. Although there are a few scientifically-validated therapies for many types of tinnitus, many patients are apt to try various types of over-the-counter solutions, including products with white noise masking. An August 30 JAMA-Otolaryngology report indicates white noise therapy for…

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tinnitus neuromodulation treatment

Invasive Nature of Some Tinnitus Treatments Not a Deterrent for Many

Tinnitus is a highly prevalent condition with approximately 10%–15% of the population reporting the condition, and 1% to 2% of this group reporting burdensome tinnitus that leads to a severe decrease in the quality of life. Another consideration: tinnitus-related health care expenditures, which are mainly incurred out-of-pocket, are estimated to be nearly $2,000 per year…

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auris medical tinnitus drug trial

Auris Medical Announces Disappointing Results from Tinnitus Drug Trial; Company Stock Price Plummets

ZUG, SWITZERLAND — Biopharmaceutical company Auris Medical Holdings announced disappointing results from its TACTT3 clinical trial for its promising tinnitus drug candidate, Keyzilen.  Preliminary top-line data from the trial indicate that the study did not provide a statistically significant improvement in the Tinnitus Functional Score from baseline to Day 84 in the active treated group compared…

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tinnitus treatment timed signals

New Device Developed for Somasensory Tinnitus

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN — Researchers at the University of Michigan’s Kresge Hearing Research Institute recently developed a device for individuals suffering from annoying or debilitating tinnitus. Led by Susan Shore, PhD, the experimental intervention combines auditory and mild electrical pulse stimulation that offers promise as a neurologic approach to treating the incapacitating effects of tinnitus.…

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bragi tinnitus hearable project ears

Bragi Announces Tinnitus Relief Feature in New Earbuds

At this week’s CES in Las Vegas, Bragi, a leading manufacturer of wireless earbuds, unveiled an expansion of their partnership with Mimi Hearing Technologies that plans to take their products into a new, health-oriented direction. According to sources, this new personal sound amplification product will continue to offer end-users hearing enhancement, but with an added…

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chemo hearing loss tinnitus outcomes

Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus May Indicate Poor Outcomes in Cancer Survivors

Development of chemotherapy-induced neuropathy (CIN), hearing loss, and/or tinnitus, in cancer survivors may be predictive of increased risk of severe symptom burdens and reduced quality of life (QoL), according to a study published in the European Journal of Oncology Nursing. All three conditions, CIN, hearing loss and tinnitus significantly detracts from patient QoL in numerous…

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tinnitus drug treatment auris medical

Auris Medical Announces it Has Completed Enrollment for Phase 3 Trial of Tinnitus Drug, Keyzilen

ZUG, SWITZERLAND — Biopharmaceutical company Auris Medical Holdings announced today that it  has completed patient enrollment in the Phase 3 TACTT3 clinical trial of Keyzilen, in acute and post-acute peripheral (inner ear) tinnitus. The company’s investigative drug, Keyzilen, is esketamine gel for intratympanic injection, intended for acute peripheral tinnitus following cochlear injury or otitis media in…

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belgium hearing loss tinnitus

Belgian Prime Minister’s Hearing Damaged After Princess Fires Starting Pistol During Race

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — Following a busy week of hosting world leaders from the US, NATO and the European Union (EU), the Belgian Prime Minister’s (PM) decision to attend a 20 km run over the weekend in the nation’s capital is likely a choice he now regrets. While standing next to Princess Astrid of Belgium, the…

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tinnitus lawsuit dismissed ada ihs

ADA Lawsuit Dismissed in US District Court

Last year the International Hearing Society (IHS) announced the creation of a Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program, described at the time as “a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on tinnitus patient care involving physiology, psychology, measurement, management, and practice organization.” Shortly after the announcement of this certification program, the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) filed…

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