cuba acoustic attack

Expert Weighs in on Recent Acoustic Attack in Cuba

On August 10, HHTM reported several Americans at the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba began suffering from unexplained medical symptoms late last year. That report cited a Washington Post article, which described the situation as an “acoustic attack” on Americans at the Embassy in Havana. According to several subsequent follow up reports in the press,…

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wind turbine noise health problems

Wind Turbines: Noise and Health

Editor’s Note:  Today Hearing News Watch brings readers a special post, written by contributors Jerry Punch, PhD and Richard James, INCE, discussing their new article published at the HHTM Journal.   By Jerry Punch, PhD and Richard James, INCE, BME We authored an earlier three-part series of articles on the topic of the effects of wind turbine…

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As use of wind power grows, so do fears that turbines may be hazardous to your ears

There is no more fiercely disputed topic these days than what source of energy we should draw on to power our ever-more power-consuming world. Words and phrases like greenhouse gases, war on coal, Solyndra, Keystone pipeline, fracking, Fukushima Daiichi and Chernobyl, energy independence, rising sea level, global warming and scientific conspiracy are invoked to defend…

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Thousands of Regal theaters to provide devices for hard-of-hearing moviegoers

KNOXVILLE, TN–Regal Cinemas, the country’s largest chain of movie houses, has announced that by the end of May it will have distributed caption-displaying Access Glasses for patrons with hearing loss to more than 6000 of its theaters nationwide. When moviegoers use this technology, captions are projected onto the Access Glasses, but the words look as…

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Oticon is “going green” thanks to foundation’s wind farm investment

SMØRUM, DENMARK–The Oticon Foundation, together with the parent company of the Danish toy maker Lego, has invested 675 million Euros, about $900 million, in the construction of a giant new wind farm off the German coast in the North Sea. Within a few years, the foundation expects its stake in the wind farm to produce…

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