Why Don’t Universities Teach Students to Sell Hearing Aids?

By Lolly Wigall I was reading a professional magazine this morning while I was drinking my coffee.  I have to admit that I generally do not read professional magazines.  I see all the research articles with the wonderful graphs and statistics and my eyes glaze over.  I may read the intro and the conclusion.  But,…

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Why our waiting rooms are so empty, and what you can do to fill them up

By Brian Taylor I really enjoyed Jerry Northern’s recent article posted on A.U Bankaitis’s blog. If you haven’t read it, I urge you to do so. As the title of his post suggests, it is indeed time for us to “wake up” and collectively embrace a future filled with disruptive innovations–many of which will undoubtedly force…

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In a debate over audiology’s future, Metz warns against letting the profit-takers take over

Two weeks ago, Hearing Views published a post by Brian Taylor, AuD, entitled “Let’s make hearing aid dispensing less like Cuba and more like Singapore.” In it, Brian suggested some ideas for advancing and modernizing the profession of audiology, specifically the hearing aid aspect of the profession. When he read his friend and fellow audiologist’s…

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