diabetes awareness

Do You know It is American Diabetes Month?

November is American Diabetes Month.  Have you seen any Public Service Announcements?  Have you heard any discussion on talk shows about diabetes?  Do you know the theme from the American Diabetes Association for this year?  Does the National Football League have any special armbands or colors that the players and coaches are wearing in November? …

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You Do Your Thing and I’ll Do Mine: Ethical Considerations In Audiologic Treatment of Hearing Impairment

In the last several months, I’ve had the opportunity to discuss clinical practice policies of a number of audiology practice sites with both audiologists and AuD students. I’ve also had several conversations with various private practice offices as I attempted to find an appropriate office to which I could refer patients moving away from my…

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Don’t Forget, May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

By Lolly Wigall When I first went into private practice in audiology, I remember being excited about promoting the “May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month” campaign. I had purchased my practice in August 1989, and I was planning on going all out for May 1990. Being a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), I…

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Online rating of hearing care providers: If it’s going to be done, let’s do it right!

By David H. Kirkwood Action on Hearing Loss, a non-profit private organization in the United Kingdom, is about to embark on a public service program that I fInd of great interest. I think you will too, if you either treat people with hearing loss or have a hearing loss yourself. This year, Action on Hearing…

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