Trade Shows, Manufacturer Symposia, and Other Professional Dilemmas

by Mike Metz   In April 2016, at the Phoenix Convention Center, the American Academy of Audiology held its 27th annual meeting.  The web site promised a large gathering of audiologists and lots of education.  It got me wondering.  Meeting duration is shortened.  Exhibitors were fewer.  Statistics on attendance are obscure.  What does all this…

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Mrs. Stromberg, Where Are You When I Need You?

I had a wonderful English teacher at Scranton Central High School. Her name was Muriel Stromberg and she had a Mamie Eisenhower haircut. I realized as I was writing this that probably no one reading this column would have any idea what a Mamie Eisenhower haircut was, so I’ve provided a photo. I don’t remember a…

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diabetes awareness

Do You know It is American Diabetes Month?

November is American Diabetes Month.  Have you seen any Public Service Announcements?  Have you heard any discussion on talk shows about diabetes?  Do you know the theme from the American Diabetes Association for this year?  Does the National Football League have any special armbands or colors that the players and coaches are wearing in November? …

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