audiology transparency

How Much “Transparency” is Necessary?

by Mike Metz If you know a better way of functionally describing transparency than by stating “one can see through it clearly”, let me know.  I would also like to have an alternative definition for “sterile”, “truthful”, “correct”, and “perfect”.  These words imply a state that is not compromised. Semi-truthful doesn’t mean almost the truth,…

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A Lesson from Uber? Maybe

An article in the New York Times on March 20, 2018 by David Leonhardt presents (tangentially, I admit) an interesting issue.[1]  His piece concerns the recent tragedy of a pedestrian being hit by an Uber car in Arizona.  The Uber was operating in “automatic” mode with a driver in back-up command.  Uber halted testing of…

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A Lingering “Conflict of Interest”

  About twenty-five years ago, audiologists began to seriously question the issues which may constitute a professional “conflict of interest”.  Over the past two decades, many examples of blatant Conflict of Interest (COI) have been exposed, discussed, and for the most part, remedied. The field has improved remarkably—as it had to do. But there remains…

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