A New Perspective on Audiology

By Robert Castleton Wormus In 2004, at the age of 62, I retired from a long and wonderful career in audiology. I truly believe it was fate that brought me to this little-known field. I loved every minute of my time spent in audiology. I was able to balance work and play, (albeit with a bit…

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AAA’s Code of Ethics: Who is obligated to adhere to it?

By Michael J. Metz Dr. Metz is a frequent contributor on the subject of professional ethics.  He published this post in July of 2011. Like so many Hearing Views, his view then retains its relevance in the turbulence of 2017.   In an Internet session, I commented that all audiologists have an obligation to adhere…

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Proposed Change in California’s Dispensing Law

by Mike Metz, PhD, frequent Hearing Views contributor Like the tip of an iceberg, there’s a lot that is not immediately obvious in the HTTM post of April 4th (California Legislation Would Authorize Hearing Aid Dispensers to Conduct Cerumen Management and Tympanometry).  There’s lots of history behind this proposal and lots of politics.  It will…

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