does audiology add value

How Do Audiology Services Add Value

by Michael Metz, PhD Harvey Abrams comes through again in a recent posting on this site entitled  “Noise in the Quiet”. Dr. Abrams discusses the value that audiology can add to the patient with the clinical methods we should possess.  He states: Note that I purposely avoided the word “bundling” here because bundling is often associated…

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Sex and audiology

Men comprise less than 20% of the audiology workforce according to the latest wage and benefits survey from AAA, published September of 2016.  In fact, the survey participants were almost 83% female this go around.  That puts the audiology profession on par with elementary and middle school teachers (81% female) and far more imbalanced than other…

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The surfeit of AuD programs: Whose interests does it serve?

In part two of this series, first published in March of 2012, David H. Kirkwood considered the audiology workforce and the audiology training programs which support it. Historical evolution within the field and possible unintended consequences are considered and remain relevant in today’s labor market.     By David H. Kirkwood Last week in this…

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