waiting room

The First Impression – Do Your Patients Feel Safe, Comfortable and At-Ease?

By Steve Eagon, MA “I want the patient to feel safe, comfortable, and at-ease when they reach out to us.  I also want them to know I work with the best audiologist anywhere!”  This was the answer given by Michelle when I asked about her role as the front office person tasked with answering the…

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diabetes awareness

Do You know It is American Diabetes Month?

November is American Diabetes Month.  Have you seen any Public Service Announcements?  Have you heard any discussion on talk shows about diabetes?  Do you know the theme from the American Diabetes Association for this year?  Does the National Football League have any special armbands or colors that the players and coaches are wearing in November? …

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Searching for a Little Quiet in a Noisy World

By Lolly Wigall For the past nine months I have attended a weekly meditation group meeting. The group meets on Wednesday night from 6:30 until 8 pm.  We share a little about what has been happening in our lives.  Each person shares whatever they like.  We share only what we want to.  The leader of…

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Walking for Hearing Loss Awareness and Other Worthy Causes

By Lolly Wigall I know it is fall because the leaves are turning reds and yellows and browns. I grew up in sunny California and despite the reputation that California has no seasons, it is not true. There are seasons in California. The winter does require a coat, but usually we can do without the…

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