Lolly Wigall, Hearing Health Matters

I have told you more than once!

Lolly Wigall discusses the frustrations of  hearing loss, even for long-time hearing aid users whose family and friends don’t understand what aids actually do. Having a hearing loss is not fun.  Many times hearing loss “creeps” up on the person.  Most times hearing loss is gradual.  I tell people that hearing loss begins when you…

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Who Should I Buy My Hearing Aids From?

  This is an interesting question that each person with a hearing loss asks.  If not the person with the hearing loss, then surely a family member such as a daughter or son asks the question.  It is a larger question than just googling an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.  There are many considerations: convenience to…

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Angela Loavenbruck, Ed.D. Prepare yourself for a really, really grumpy post. First of all the Yankees left the bases loaded far too often, thus considerably dampening my happiness that the Boston Red Sox were fighting for last place and secondly, I have just read a lot of the literature on PSAPS. And then I listened…

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Walking for Hearing Loss Awareness and Other Worthy Causes

By Lolly Wigall I know it is fall because the leaves are turning reds and yellows and browns. I grew up in sunny California and despite the reputation that California has no seasons, it is not true. There are seasons in California. The winter does require a coat, but usually we can do without the…

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