Anticipation – Intercepting Your Patient’s Thoughts

By Steven Eagon, MA I love watching all types of athletes when they are at the peak of their game.  When younger and physically gifted, they typically succeed on sheer skill, speed, agility, strength, and brute force.  But as athletes age, they become more cerebral with how they understand their chosen sport. Beyond understanding the…

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Cultivating a Welcoming Space

By Lolly Wigall The calendar says spring.  But, where I live the official last frost date is May 31.  So, spring is a couple of months away.  It doesn’t matter to me that I can’t be outside playing in the dirt.  I am planning gardens, both at home and at the church.  Garden planning is…

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Don’t Forget, May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

By Lolly Wigall When I first went into private practice in audiology, I remember being excited about promoting the “May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month” campaign. I had purchased my practice in August 1989, and I was planning on going all out for May 1990. Being a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), I…

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