Audiology, the Affordable Care Act & Beyond

By Neil DiSarno, Ph.D. Especially in the face of change, professional health associations play a key role for their members. A case in point: the steps taken by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in anticipation of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Annually, ASHA develops a public policy agenda and last year’s addressed…

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Accommodating people with hearing loss: It’s an issue medicine must face

By David H. Kirkwood One of my all-time favorite posts on my colleague Gael Hannan’s Better Hearing Consumer blog is called “Face me, Doc, I’m still hard of hearing.” In her characteristically humorous style, Gael describes the travails she has faced in her dealings with medical personnel of various kinds. There’s her visit to an…

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truth about hearing aid industry

The hearing aid industry’s inconvenient truth: A wake-up call for the independent practitioner

In the following Hearing View, Joe Ficarra expresses some strong opinions that are likely to stimulate equally strong reactions, pro and con. We invite readers to submit your comments in response to Mr. Ficarra’s post. –David H. Kirkwood By Joe Ficarra We all read articles, newsletters, and e-mails regarding the onslaught of competition from UnitedHealthcare,…

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