Beware the Black Market for Hearing Aid Parts

By Lolly Wigall I don’t shop on eBay much, but there are lots of people who do.  I have an account and over the years I have purchased flower seeds for my garden and sunscreens to cover patios, but that’s about it.  I just rarely check the website.  But after a recent experience, I have…

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Anticipation – Intercepting Your Patient’s Thoughts

By Steven Eagon, MA I love watching all types of athletes when they are at the peak of their game.  When younger and physically gifted, they typically succeed on sheer skill, speed, agility, strength, and brute force.  But as athletes age, they become more cerebral with how they understand their chosen sport. Beyond understanding the…

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Why Don’t Universities Teach Students to Sell Hearing Aids?

By Lolly Wigall I was reading a professional magazine this morning while I was drinking my coffee.  I have to admit that I generally do not read professional magazines.  I see all the research articles with the wonderful graphs and statistics and my eyes glaze over.  I may read the intro and the conclusion.  But,…

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Management of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss: A Discussion

By Maurice Miller, Ph.D. Today I’m offering my suggestions regarding a subject very close to my professional interests and concerns: “Idiopathic” Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSNHL). Idiopathic SSNHL is an interesting term which the great audiologist, Stanley Gelfand{{1}}[[1]]Gelfand, S. Essentials of Audiology. 3rd Edition. Thieme (2009)[[1]]has indicated in his classic text that it is a…

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