Proposed Change in California’s Dispensing Law

by Mike Metz, PhD, frequent Hearing Views contributor Like the tip of an iceberg, there’s a lot that is not immediately obvious in the HTTM post of April 4th (California Legislation Would Authorize Hearing Aid Dispensers to Conduct Cerumen Management and Tympanometry).  There’s lots of history behind this proposal and lots of politics.  It will…

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Who Should I Buy My Hearing Aids From?

  This is an interesting question that each person with a hearing loss asks.  If not the person with the hearing loss, then surely a family member such as a daughter or son asks the question.  It is a larger question than just googling an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.  There are many considerations: convenience to…

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Anticipation – Intercepting Your Patient’s Thoughts

By Steven Eagon, MA I love watching all types of athletes when they are at the peak of their game.  When younger and physically gifted, they typically succeed on sheer skill, speed, agility, strength, and brute force.  But as athletes age, they become more cerebral with how they understand their chosen sport. Beyond understanding the…

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Who Knows the Right Hearing Aids for Me?

By Lolly Wigall Browsing the web is so easy today. While I was listening to a podcast I heard a statistic that was staggering: Seventy percent of Americans now have a smart phone. In 2007, the iPhone was introduced. It has changed how we use our phones, listen to music, listen to Podcasts, play games, use…

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