Using Technology and Visual Communication to Combat Industrial Noise

By Jack Rubinger It stands to reason that a 4-mile-long, ½-mile deep pit mine would require enormously powerful and gigantic trucks to haul iron ore from bottom to top. Along with the sheer enormity is the overpowering noise these trucks create. And that’s a major problem because noisy trucks are not in compliance with the…

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lrad crowd control hearing loss lawsuit

High-Intensity Acoustic Devices as Weapons: A look at the Legalities

By Fred Cohen It began innocently enough. A Pittsburgh newspaper announces a settlement with a professor who suffered hearing loss in September 2009 during the Group of 20 economic summit. The professor was in Pittsburgh studying the possible impact of protests on monetary policy and was about 100 feet away from a Long Range Acoustic…

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Let’s look to a friend across the ocean in combatting hearing loss

By David H. Kirkwood I spend quite a lot of time searching the web for information and ideas for my blogs, Hearing News Watch and Hearing Views. In doing so, I have become familiar with a 101-year-old British organization, Action on Hearing Loss. The more I learn about it, the more impressed I become. The…

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