How’s the Water or What Sea Are We Swimming In?

Editor’s Note: In considering the problems audiologists face today because of commoditization, it’s important to look at the role that manufacturers play. I want to preface my remarks by saying that in the 40 some years I’ve been in private practice, I’ve had wonderful relationships with the manufacturers used in my practice. Good products, great…

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Unison Could Be the Catalyst for Lasting Change

By Michael Collins, AuD In a post earlier this year, I discussed what I believe to be audiology’s greatest enemy: Ourselves. One commenter, who seemed to agree with the overall premise of my post, quoted Karl Strom in response: “More than ever before, the professions of dispensing audiology and hearing aid specialists need each other. A…

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Why Don’t Universities Teach Students to Sell Hearing Aids?

By Lolly Wigall I was reading a professional magazine this morning while I was drinking my coffee.  I have to admit that I generally do not read professional magazines.  I see all the research articles with the wonderful graphs and statistics and my eyes glaze over.  I may read the intro and the conclusion.  But,…

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