New Rules: Disappearing Rules and Regulations, Part 4

The first three parts of this piece (one, two, three) discussed some issues that caused consternation in the past.  While repetitive for many audiologists, perhaps some readers have a little better understanding of how past regulatory confrontations have influenced Audiology.  In reviewing these issues, here are some personal conclusions. Lessons to consider: Lots of input…

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otc hearing aid lawsuit liability

Are OTC Hearing Aids and PSAPs Targets for the Next Product Liability/Negligence Suits?

by Granville Y Brady Jr, AuD This post explores the use of PSAPs and OTC hearing aids used to treat hearing difficulty and the possible liability incurred when these devices fail to meet a patient’s expectations or cause the patient to be harmed. Some consumers who purchase PSAP’s and OTC’s will likely consult an audiologist…

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