A talent for teaching is a terrible thing to waste

By David H. Kirkwood All of us can look back to our childhood and remember teachers who made a positive and permanent difference in our lives.  I was fortunate to have quite a few, including Miss Lamb, my first grade teacher, who not only taught me to read, but also showed me how much fun…

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Understanding Copyright in the Digital Environment: Part 2

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is Part 2 of Understanding Copyright in the Digital Environment, by Cathy Sarli and Michael Valente. The authors help us navigate a pervasive problem in our modern digital world: knowing when it’s okay (and when it isn’t) to re-use materials found online.  The information and examples found in today’s post applies to students, as…

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Understanding Copyright in the Digital Environment

Editor’s Note: Today’s post addresses a pervasive problem in our digital world: knowing when it’s okay, and when it isn’t, to re-use materials found online. This topic has been addressed before at HHTM, and the great information found in today’s post applies to students as well as professionals in academics, clinical practice, and nearly any industry. The information…

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Walking for Hearing Loss Awareness and Other Worthy Causes

By Lolly Wigall I know it is fall because the leaves are turning reds and yellows and browns. I grew up in sunny California and despite the reputation that California has no seasons, it is not true. There are seasons in California. The winter does require a coat, but usually we can do without the…

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