otc hearing aid lawsuit liability

Are OTC Hearing Aids and PSAPs Targets for the Next Product Liability/Negligence Suits?

by Granville Y Brady Jr, AuD This post explores the use of PSAPs and OTC hearing aids used to treat hearing difficulty and the possible liability incurred when these devices fail to meet a patient’s expectations or cause the patient to be harmed. Some consumers who purchase PSAP’s and OTC’s will likely consult an audiologist…

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Walking for Hearing Loss Awareness and Other Worthy Causes

By Lolly Wigall I know it is fall because the leaves are turning reds and yellows and browns. I grew up in sunny California and despite the reputation that California has no seasons, it is not true. There are seasons in California. The winter does require a coat, but usually we can do without the…

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The Millennium – Crabby Audiologists Learning the Alphabet

By Angela Loavenbruck, EdD The start of the 21st century saw  the  American Academy of Audiology (AAA) maturing as an organization with clearer insight into the challenges ahead for audiology. Brad Stach, one of the founders of AAA and a past President, was quoted as saying that the original meeting of those 32 audiologists in 1988…

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