otc hearing aid lawsuit liability

Are OTC Hearing Aids and PSAPs Targets for the Next Product Liability/Negligence Suits?

by Granville Y Brady Jr, AuD This post explores the use of PSAPs and OTC hearing aids used to treat hearing difficulty and the possible liability incurred when these devices fail to meet a patient’s expectations or cause the patient to be harmed. Some consumers who purchase PSAP’s and OTC’s will likely consult an audiologist…

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There’s a right to hear or not to hear, but none to deny another’s right to hear

Editors Note: This post was originally posted February 2012. By David H. Kirkwood Two recent posts at Hearing Views addressed basic rights related to hearing health care: the right to have access to hearing care technology and services and the right not to use that access.   “AN ESSENTIAL HEALTH BENEFIT” The February 8 Hearing…

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