Practice Management Principles: A Culture of Leadership, Part 1

Dentistry has experienced many of the same issues facing dispensing audiologists and other dispensers of hearing aids – namely, large competitive organizations and their encroachment into independent practices. Hearing Health and Technology Matters approached Dr. Howard Ong, DDS, MAGD to find out how he and others have managed and flourished in the face of such…

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Business of Hearing Healthcare: Website Analytics– Understanding the Data

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is Part 2 of Geoff Cooling’s discussion of measuring your website’s performance.  Tracking Prospects   Google Analytics offers the power to track the views of people who can be reasonably defined as your prospects (i.e., potential patients/customers). That is the information you want and need to know. You can track this…

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Business of Hearing Healthcare: Measuring Your Website Performance– the Analytics That Count

By Geoff Cooling Your website should be an active part of your audiology marketing strategy. There is no argument, audiology websites can drive inquiries and turn prospects into sales. The very versatility of your main online channel gives you the opportunity to experiment and measure return from different elements–almost in real time. Data on how…

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