Audiologist as Incrementalist

by Barbara E. Weinstein, Ph.D. Today’s post is an opinion piece contributed by Dr. Weinstein, who usually writes “Downstream Consequences” at Hearing Economics. I recently completed an excellent piece in the New Yorker titled “The Heroism of Incremental Medicine,” by Atul Gawande a noted surgeon and author. It was inspirational and timely, leading me to conclude…

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hearing loss stereotypes

“How come you don’t look like you can’t hear?”

By Arielle Schacter   “Wait a minute…lemme get this straight—you have a hearing loss,” a middle-aged woman demanded of me last week, “How come you don’t look like you do?” Startled, I was immediately taken aback. How could I possibly answer this question? After all, what does a person who is deaf or hard of…

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