hearing aid checklist

Proposed: A “Seven-Star Checklist” to help hearing aids achieve their potential

This post first appeared on HHTM in June 0f 2011.  Before he retired, Dr Martin wrote a monthly column for HHTM.  His down to earth posts about clinical topics continue to attract high readership years after publication.  Here’s one that reflects the way in which times are changing.  Technological help via the Internet for hearing…

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Of hurricanes and hearing aids

By David H. Kirkwood This post was first published August 30, 2011.  As we have already witnessed the start of the 2016 season we still draw comparisons of expectations and reality. Watching how my fellow New Yorkers reacted to Tropical Storm (née Hurricane) Irene over the past weekend reminded me of the tremendous power of…

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Our Clients Desperately Want Hearing Aids

By Lolly Wigall Humans are designed to have relationships. People are raised in families who communicate with each other. Language is a beautiful creation. Sharing life’s experiences, both the joys and sorrows are part of living. Becoming friends with our neighbors is part of life. Attending public meetings such as religious and civic organizations has…

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Anticipation – Intercepting Your Patient’s Thoughts

By Steven Eagon, MA I love watching all types of athletes when they are at the peak of their game.  When younger and physically gifted, they typically succeed on sheer skill, speed, agility, strength, and brute force.  But as athletes age, they become more cerebral with how they understand their chosen sport. Beyond understanding the…

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