There’s a right to hear or not to hear, but none to deny another’s right to hear

Editors Note: This post was originally posted February 2012. By David H. Kirkwood Two recent posts at Hearing Views addressed basic rights related to hearing health care: the right to have access to hearing care technology and services and the right not to use that access.   “AN ESSENTIAL HEALTH BENEFIT” The February 8 Hearing…

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hearing loss stereotypes

“How come you don’t look like you can’t hear?”

By Arielle Schacter   “Wait a minute…lemme get this straight—you have a hearing loss,” a middle-aged woman demanded of me last week, “How come you don’t look like you do?” Startled, I was immediately taken aback. How could I possibly answer this question? After all, what does a person who is deaf or hard of…

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Educating the Deaf Child: Speaking, Reading and Teaching

By Lily McCann There are 70 million deaf people worldwide. Current estimates suggest anywhere from 800,000 to 2 million deaf people live in the US and Canada. With this substantial figure in mind, it’s no wonder that special education is becoming more widely available and accessible in our society today. In a world in which…

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