Understanding Copyright in the Digital Environment: Part 2

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is Part 2 of Understanding Copyright in the Digital Environment, by Cathy Sarli and Michael Valente. The authors help us navigate a pervasive problem in our modern digital world: knowing when it’s okay (and when it isn’t) to re-use materials found online.  The information and examples found in today’s post applies to students, as…

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Why Don’t Universities Teach Students to Sell Hearing Aids?

By Lolly Wigall I was reading a professional magazine this morning while I was drinking my coffee.  I have to admit that I generally do not read professional magazines.  I see all the research articles with the wonderful graphs and statistics and my eyes glaze over.  I may read the intro and the conclusion.  But,…

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The Crabby Audiologist – Who’s Teaching Who, and When?

By Angela Loavenbruck, Ed.D Ever since I agreed to join my illustrious colleagues writing for Hearing Views (a decision that coincided with a brief moment of insanity, given my hatred of writing deadlines), I’ve been thinking a lot about Lucy Van Pelt, my all-time favorite cartoon character. She was pretty crabby, and after 45 years of…

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