Verification and validation: How they differ and why both are best practices

By Harvey Abrams This post appeared at Hearing Views exactly five years ago (March 7, 2012). It bears another visit as a refresher course to remind audiologists of our tools of the trade and the intent of their applications.  The timing of the refresher course is especially apropos as we near the end of the…

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Of hurricanes and hearing aids

By David H. Kirkwood This post was first published August 30, 2011.  As we have already witnessed the start of the 2016 season we still draw comparisons of expectations and reality. Watching how my fellow New Yorkers reacted to Tropical Storm (née Hurricane) Irene over the past weekend reminded me of the tremendous power of…

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real ear measurement

Real-Ear Measurements Are a Must for Patient and Professional Satisfaction

By Terry Ross For the past decade of my 35 years (and counting) in the hearing care industry, I have been focused on the value, application, and necessity of real-ear verification of hearing aid fittings. It has become my primary interest and my primary challenge. My journey has been an interesting combination of surprise, dismay,…

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