The Beauty of a Smart Phone

I recently received this email from one of my audiologists:

“Hi All,

I shared this with a patient today and thought I should send it to everyone as well. One of my cochlear implant patients uses an app called “ClearCaptions” to caption his phone calls on his iPhone. The app is also available on Android Market so it’s not only limited to iPhone users. Patients can just search the iTunes Store or Android Market for “Clear Captions” or go to their website:

I think technology is just so awesome!  I have some 90 year olds using all of the Bluetooth connections and loving the freedom it gives them.  This week I had the opportunity to be interviewed by a local TV station during their morning news program.  When I was chatting with the producer she already had it in her mind that my target audience was over 70.  Well, yes, but I had a great opportunity to educate her on why I want to reach 40 and 50 year olds as well.  This is the starting age group for most caretakers and so many in their 50s already suffer from hearing loss.  This group loves technology!

If we incorporate what the Smart phones and tablets are capable of for those with hearing loss, whether it is purely for Bluetooth or the apps we can find, we should promote this as well to our patients.  I had loaded an app for a patient that had, white, pink and brown noise to help with his tinnitus.  How cool is that?!



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  1. HI Judy:

    I know that we are already publishing selected blog entries from HHM for the Canadian Hearing Report BUT can I reprint this blog as a “letter to the editor” from you in the July/August issue?

    Thanks, Marshall

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