auditory fitness

Hearing Fitness-for-Work Protocols

by Mike Metz Compensation for hearing-impaired workers has been sort of on the back burner for many years.  Audiologists are occasionally called upon to measure and compute the hearing disability associated with hearing injuries resulting from workplace noise exposure.  A potentially larger issue of workplace hearing loss involves “fitness for duty” decisions.   Audiologists are…

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Multichannel Hearing Aid Pricing, part 2

Pricing hearing aids by the number of channels is a common but flawed strategy, based on the erroneous assumption that increasing the number of channels will consistently provide listeners with improved aided performance. Speech-recognition performance does not always improve as a function of number of channels, as discussed in part 1.  In part 2  Amyn Amlani,…

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Multichannel Hearing Aid Pricing: A Technology-Based Facade

The defensibility of tiered pricing linked to number of hearing aid channels is scrutinized in a two-part post series by Amyn Amlani, PhD.       Manufacturers engineer contemporary hearing aids with different levels of technology. The basis for the differing technology levels is based primarily on the number of channels (i.e., a range of…

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