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by Mike Metz, PhD   Consider the success of the “Big Box” sales of hearing aids. Costco alone has become the second largest dispensing entity of hearing instruments in the US, and just lowered the cost of their premium Kirkland 7.0 instruments.  What do you suppose is their return-for-credit rate?  No matter which of the…

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Audiology in Peru is a Process in Development

By Mara Brugés Polo – Editor-in-Chief of Audio Infos Latin America Recent years have seen the country of Peru taking steps towards increasingly better care of its hearing loss patients, with not only the government making an effort, but private firms also launching their ideas to treat hypoacusic cases. Although Peru passed its universal neonatal…

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The Boomers are Coming! Yeah, So What. (Part 1)

By Steve Eagon, MA Given the work I do, I frequently interact with and train hearing professionals on a variety of practice management issues. A hot topic among many these days is the changing consumer dynamic over the past 5-10 years. When I ask professionals what they notice about today’s mature consumer, it usually centers around a…

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Hearing Loss Solution

The past weeks’ posts from ‘Down Under’ by Dr. Elaine Saunders have described an innovative approach to managing the unmet needs of hearing-impaired individuals – a hearing loss solution model she feels can have universal application.  This post, the final of a four-part series written by Dr. Saunders, describes the model followed to manage these issues. by:…

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Unmet Needs of Hearing Loss

Hearing Impairment – Meeting Unmet Needs   This is Part III of a series describing how one of our colleagues ‘Down Under’ has taken an innovative approach to meeting the unmet needs of hearing loss.     A first step/event was to have developed DSP (digital signal processing) hearing aid circuitry based on low current…

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