reduce audiology no show appointments

7 Ideas to Reduce “no-show” Rates in Your Audiology Clinic

by Allan Vinther Are you tired of losing valuable time and money because patients aren’t showing up for their scheduled appointments? In healthcare, no-show rates can range as high as 80% due to numerous factors, including transportation barriers, concerns around a possible diagnosis, and simply forgetting about the appointment.  The average cost of a missed…

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How do I attract (and keep) new customers to my hearing care practice

by Allan Vinther More than 1.5 billion people (almost 20% of the world’s population) have hearing loss. In fact, hearing loss is the third most common chronic physical condition that people experience, behind only arthritis and heart disease. Having hearing loss is twice as common as having conditions like diabetes or cancer.  However, even though…

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clinical compliance audiology

How to provide faster testing without quality fears and ensure clinical compliance

by Nils Westerlund Audiologists work in busy, fast-paced clinics and must deliver exceptional care, accurate diagnoses, appropriate solutions, and skilled counseling every day with every patient. Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs) are tasked with being efficient and compassionate, maximizing the number of patients they see per day– while still consistently providing superior care.  Real-time quality assessment…

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amplivox beep e3

3 Key Features of Amplivox Beep

by Adam Dawson Software keeps getting smarter. Simple devices, such as smartphones and tablets, can do amazing things today. They can instantly play any song you could ever imagine, stream thousands of movies and tv shows, and even control household appliances.  Innovation isn’t restricted to consumer-facing products, however. Companies like Grason-Stadler, MedRx, and now Amplivox…

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Benefits of OtoAccess Worklist HL7

by Adam Dawson Today, it is imperative for healthcare facilities to have a comprehensive, intuitive, and secure software system for managing patient care records. Requirements, such as the recent 21st Century Cures Act mandating open notes, have made it imperative for medical practices to have a solution that makes it easier for them to share data with patients, free of charge.  While there are…

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robert margolis interview amtas

Read GSI’s Interview with AMTAS Creator Dr. Robert Margolis, Ph. D.

by Adam Dawson New technologies are the power source that keeps the well-oiled machine of the medical industry running. As the years march on, new innovations are introduced that help drastically improve practice efficiency and patient care. One of these technologies is the Automated Method for Testing Auditory Sensitivity, more commonly known as AMTAS. Created…

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