How Should Hearing Care Professionals Distinguish Themselves from Others?

What can, or rather, should a hearing care professional do to distinguish themselves from others? Oliver von Borstel, the face of Non-Manipulative Ethical Selling, offers his advice: “Stop selling, start helping! During my business trip in Australia at the beginning of this year, I met Jan, 92 years old, in Melbourne, Australia at a family…

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professional fitting hearing aids

Moving Beyond the One-Size Fits-All Hearing Aid Instruction Booklet Requires a Different Kind of Customization

By Brian Taylor, AuD, Editor-at-Large As providers gear up for the FDA’s codification of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, there is chatter on social media about how customization will remain a primary advantage of the delivery of care, in person, by licensed providers. Besides earmolds, of course, several acoustic parameters such as gain and compression have…

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special audiology hearing aid

What Makes You Think You Are Special?

Editor’s Note: OK, put on your seat belts and prepare for disruption, or at least one professional’s view of such.    By Geoffrey Cooling I read a recent commentary at the Hearing Review a few weeks ago and frankly it made me giggle a bit. In fact, it made me giggle a lot. In essence, it said that…

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locked hearing aid software

Locked Software — Still More Thoughts

by Mike Metz After a couple of go-rounds on this topic, it lends itself to even more consideration.  What if the manufacturers and the big-box retailers do nothing and continue selling locked hearing aids?  What would be a likely result if all manufacturers unlocked all software?  What would result from actions in the “middle ground”…

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Locked Hearing Aid Software — Additional Comments

by Mike Metz A short time ago, I wrote a post regarding lack of access to the software of some hearing aids.  My comments arose from conversations with other dispensing audiologists.  They saw patients that were having problems with hearing aids purchased from large distributors — Big Box stores primarily.  Evidently, patients believed that they were…

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costco hearing aid wall


by Mike Metz, PhD   Consider the success of the “Big Box” sales of hearing aids. Costco alone has become the second largest dispensing entity of hearing instruments in the US, and just lowered the cost of their premium Kirkland 7.0 instruments.  What do you suppose is their return-for-credit rate?  No matter which of the…

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