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What Makes You Think You Are Special?

Editor’s Note: OK, put on your seat belts and prepare for disruption, or at least one professional’s view of such.    By Geoffrey Cooling I read a recent commentary at the Hearing Review a few weeks ago and frankly it made me giggle a bit. In fact, it made me giggle a lot. In essence, it said that…

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Make Patients Feel the Joy of Hearing Better

Humans are funny creatures. We have a great capacity for logical thought and reasoning, but much of the time we fall back on our primeval emotions: caution, fear, and anxiety. It is easy for us to “think” about something that is good for us – an exercise or diet plan comes to mind, but it…

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Do You Party with Your Patients?

Before Christmas Gael Hannan wrote a blog about her wish list to Santa.  One item on the list was to get material from her audiologist that didn’t offer purchase promotions for new products or upgrades around the Holidays.  We take a page out of her list and have for years.  In October we mail out…

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