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The Future of Practice Success… through Personal Concern and Exceptional Service!

By Oliver F. von Borstel, MBD Many independent practices or private small chains which sell hearing aids are struggling to stay afloat, pay wages and bills, and survive the current business year. I have many such clients who can no longer see the future. Most of those businesses often focus on selling hearing aids accessories…

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What Makes You Think You Are Special?

Editor’s Note: OK, put on your seat belts and prepare for disruption, or at least one professional’s view of such.    By Geoffrey Cooling I read a recent commentary at the Hearing Review a few weeks ago and frankly it made me giggle a bit. In fact, it made me giggle a lot. In essence, it said that…

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What I Learned from Popeye’s Chicken

One of the groups I belong to is the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO). This group held its 18th annual conference in Phoenix at the end of April. It was very inspirational, as WPO conferences often are. Among the keynote speakers were Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeye’s Chicken; Reshma Sujani, developer of “Girls Who Code”; and…

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Why Purchasing Hearing Aids Is Like Buying a Wedding Dress

A hearing aid is unlike any other medical device, and the highly complex process involved in learning to use it is also unique. The uniqueness of the fitting process makes it difficult to explain to new patients. There is no “average” or “typical” fitting that you can point to as an example. Hard-of-hearing people come…

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Earwax and “Dark Magic”

Genève returned to our office the other day with a hearing aid that was dead for the fourth time this year. The instrument, a high-tech receiver-in-the canal (RIC) model, had a little wax on the dome, but the dome was not plugged. I then checked the internal filter on the receiver. It was completely plugged…

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When Fitting High-Tech Hearing Aids, Don’t Promise the Moon

Today’s advanced hearing aids offer lots of features that consumers may find pretty amazing. As a result, hearing care providers may be tempted to parade these high-tech wonders in front of their patients to get them excited about what they offer. In my opinion, this is a huge mistake! If you promise too much, the…

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