remove hearing aid earwax

Successful Hearing Aid Use, part 5: Getting the earwax out

Hearing aids are tiny instruments made with even tinier parts: the microphone, circuit chip, and speaker (receiver). Hearing aids deliver sound into the ear through a narrow “sound tube.” This tube is about the size of the lead in a pencil or a small strand of spaghetti. Because the tube is so tiny, it takes…

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Successful Hearing Aid Use, part 4: “I don’t hear well any more”

by Bob Martin   If you wear hearing aids, this week’s post is for you, your family, and anyone who helps you. It deals with this common problem: Your hearing with hearing aids was fine for several months, but now something has gone wrong and you don’t hear well anymore.   IS IT THE BATTERY?…

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Assault and Battery in the Ear Canal

This week we welcome Ross Roeser as a guest with very useful information for those of us looking in ear canals every day. Ross Roeser, PhD, is Professor and Head of the Doctor of Audiology Program at the University of Texas at Dallas/Callier Center for Communication Disorders, and Executive Director Emeritus of the Callier Center.…

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