How Hearing Aid Technology Has Evolved in Society, and Why — Part II

Editor’s Note: Today’s post continues a discussion on the evolution of hearing aid technology by Abigail Farmer and Bruno Sarda.    Going Beyond Human Abilities   The second thread in the pursuit of human enhancement does not focus on meeting existing societal expectations of what “normal” function is, but rather on exceeding the norm, and…

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How Hearing Aid Technology Has Evolved in Society, and Why — Part I

Editor’s Note:  Hearing Health and Technology Matters is pleased to bring our readers a series of posts utilizing a multidimensional approach to How Hearing Aid Technology Has Evolved in Society, and Why. This is a unique perspective from that traditionally presented, coming from individuals having no previous contact with the hearing aid industry, audiology, or having…

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Audiology Worldnews: EuroTrak UK 2015: Hearing Aids for Better Quality of Life

By Victoria Adshead   Hearing aids are not only good for correcting hearing loss, but in fact contribute to better and more active lives, better quality of life and better overall health. Although hearing care professionals know this from their patients’ testimonials, this is the first time the EuroTrak UK survey can state this from the…

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Setting The Terms of Reference For The Brand of Hearing Healthcare

By Geoff Cooling   We discuss brand a lot at our company because understanding the brand of our customers is an imperative for what we do. We know that the brand we represent on any online marketing we undertake has to be exactly the same as the brand feels when a prospect enters the practice and…

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wayne staab lybarger award

HHTM Editor-in-Chief to Receive Distinguished Award

Wayne J. Staab, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief of Hearing Health and Technology Matters, has been notified that he will receive the Samuel F. Lybarger Award for Achievements in Industry from the American Academy of Audiology at their International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona in April.  The award is given to an individual who has pioneered or has made…

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establish authority

Business of Hearing Healthcare: Establishing Yourself as the Authority

By Geoff Cooling It seems that on a regular basis something happens that gives the field of Audiology pause for thought. In recent times it has been confirmed that heavyweight Samsung will soon enter into our industry. This has been known for some time, but the point of entry was up for debate, but now…

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