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Will Another Year of Disruption Lead to Unity Among Hearing Professionals? Not Likely, But it Should!

By Michael Collins, AuD   My fellow hearing professionals, disruption is at our doorstep. I doubt that most of you would have thought just a few short years ago that our industry would be turned on its head in such a short amount of time by the likes of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS),…

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How to Keep Your Cochlear Implant Working Safely

by Roy Rasmussen   Use of cochlear implants is on the rise. By the end of 2010, approximately 219,000 people worldwide had received a cochlear implant, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Approximately 40 percent of children born profoundly deaf were receiving implants by the end of 2014, a rise of 25 percent…

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by Mike Metz, PhD   Consider the success of the “Big Box” sales of hearing aids. Costco alone has become the second largest dispensing entity of hearing instruments in the US, and just lowered the cost of their premium Kirkland 7.0 instruments.  What do you suppose is their return-for-credit rate?  No matter which of the…

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Audiology in Peru is a Process in Development

By Mara Brugés Polo – Editor-in-Chief of Audio Infos Latin America Recent years have seen the country of Peru taking steps towards increasingly better care of its hearing loss patients, with not only the government making an effort, but private firms also launching their ideas to treat hypoacusic cases. Although Peru passed its universal neonatal…

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How Hearing Aid Technology Has Evolved in Society, and Why — Part XI

Editor’s Note: Today’s post continues the discussion by Abigail Farmer and Bruno Sarda on the evolution of hearing aid technology.   Implications and Policy Recommendations   The hearing aid market as we know it is ripe for disruption. On one hand, hearing aids are expensive. They rely on proprietary technology that does not necessarily “play…

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Novel Approach to Hearing Research Takes to the Road

By Victoria Adshead     A £350,000 National Institute of Hearing Research-funded study is taking to the road in a unique research van to visit 200 infants who have been fitted with hearing aids. Researchers at the University of Manchester came up with the idea as they know that pressures on families can make participation in…

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