Hearing Loss Solution

The past weeks’ posts from ‘Down Under’ by Dr. Elaine Saunders have described an innovative approach to managing the unmet needs of hearing-impaired individuals – a hearing loss solution model she feels can have universal application.  This post, the final of a four-part series written by Dr. Saunders, describes the model followed to manage these issues. by:…

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Boundary Areas Between PSAPs and Hearing Aids, Part 1

This is first in the Device Disruptions series edited by Richard Einhorn. Editor’s Note:  In the 70’s, Mead Killion, PhD, ScD (hon), urged high sound quality for hearing aids when hardly anyone else cared, let alone understood, its crucial importance. He is the inventor of the legendary K-Amp, the Digi-K, the QuickSin, some of the…

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