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The Key to Success!

After many years in business, I have found one thing to be true – Business is hard and it doesn’t’ seem to get easier regardless of how long you have been in business.  Experienced and novice business owners both seem to struggle with operating a profitable practice and then staying on track once you discover…

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Is the Price Really Right?

by Kim Cavitt, AuD Audiologists, irrespective of their practice settings, appear to know very little about the foundational aspects of their businesses.  Many businesses, especially private practices, were started with a dream and a prayer and without a business plan and, as a result, little to no thought to “what do I need to bring…

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The Era of Low Hanging Fruit Is Over: Finding Long-term Practice Success in Spades Requires a Willingness to Adapt New Ideas

by Brian Taylor, AuD Not long ago it was possible for a hearing care practice to thrive with a nominal investment in marketing. Through the first 20 years of the digital era, roughly 1995 to 2015, a practice could run a catchy promotional advertisement in the local newspaper or offer a “digital hearing aid” consumer…

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Setting The Terms of Reference For The Brand of Hearing Healthcare, Part 2

Editor’s Note: Today’s post from Geoff Cooling is Part 2 on the Brand of Hearing Healthcare.    Collaboration Across the Profession   In order to change the brand of hearing healthcare, we as a profession internationally need to collaborate. This is something that needs to be done through professional organisations across the world. I have chosen the term…

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