The Era of Low Hanging Fruit Is Over: Finding Long-term Practice Success in Spades Requires a Willingness to Adapt New Ideas

by Brian Taylor, AuD Not long ago it was possible for a hearing care practice to thrive with a nominal investment in marketing. Through the first 20 years of the digital era, roughly 1995 to 2015, a practice could run a catchy promotional advertisement in the local newspaper or offer a “digital hearing aid” consumer…

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Setting The Terms of Reference For The Brand of Hearing Healthcare, Part 2

Editor’s Note: Today’s post from Geoff Cooling is Part 2 on the Brand of Hearing Healthcare.    Collaboration Across the Profession   In order to change the brand of hearing healthcare, we as a profession internationally need to collaborate. This is something that needs to be done through professional organisations across the world. I have chosen the term…

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Winning the War against Hearing Loss, part 4: Hearing Well with a Cell Phone

By: Bob Martin, AuD Miracles happen in our field. Last time I discussed Kim who, thanks to her hearing aids, was able to work in a noisy bar and save her family’s home. This week, I want you to meet David, a real estate agent with severe hearing loss. In the past he could not…

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