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Heed Your Professional Instinct

We spend years in school to earn a professional degree. We study long hours. We read trade journals. We attend continuing education classes. All of these forms of learning are critically important. But, they may not be our greatest professional asset. Instinct, that feeling we have in our gut, may be our greatest asset. Intuition guides us…

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Will Another Year of Disruption Lead to Unity Among Hearing Professionals? Not Likely, But it Should!

By Michael Collins, AuD   My fellow hearing professionals, disruption is at our doorstep. I doubt that most of you would have thought just a few short years ago that our industry would be turned on its head in such a short amount of time by the likes of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS),…

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Does Medicine Need Audiology? Part 1

By Mike Metz A friend recently asked me for an audiology referral because he had a unilateral hearing problem along with some other rather vague symptoms.  I sent him on but then began thinking of the differences in audiology now versus audiology in years past. Many audiologists work in a medical office setting, overseen by…

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The Boomers are Coming! Yeah, So What. (Part 1)

By Steve Eagon, MA Given the work I do, I frequently interact with and train hearing professionals on a variety of practice management issues. A hot topic among many these days is the changing consumer dynamic over the past 5-10 years. When I ask professionals what they notice about today’s mature consumer, it usually centers around a…

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Novel Approach to Hearing Research Takes to the Road

By Victoria Adshead     A £350,000 National Institute of Hearing Research-funded study is taking to the road in a unique research van to visit 200 infants who have been fitted with hearing aids. Researchers at the University of Manchester came up with the idea as they know that pressures on families can make participation in…

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The Service Component: Should We Really Embrace Industry Disruption? Part 2

Dr. Abrams continues his discussion on the disruptive forces facing the audiology and hearing aid industry   In Part 1, I introduced the concept of the service component of industry disruption; that is, we need to think beyond the price and delivery model of the product if we hope to address the issues raised by…

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